Why Is It Important?

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In a society where everything is taken For granted, where there are no fundamental values and where is as easy to get married as it is to get divorced, a major attention needs to be given to the newlyweds in order to help them understanding the value of lifetime commitments and helping them to analyze and solve the most common mistakes they make. Marriage is responsibility, marriage sometimes is hard times and it’s a society matter. Newlyweds should be educated about what are the most common mistakes that leads to divorce and they should understand that committing yourself to another person means you don’t give up at the very first hard moment. Three are the most common “causes” that has been cited over and over by divorcee as the reasons of their divorces: lack of communication, lack of acceptance and lack of commitment. Communication is defined as the act of sending and receiving information between two or more people. Communication is important in relationships as it allow people to share interests, aspiration and concerns, to support each other as to make decisions about important matters of life. There are different types of communication: the verbal communication (where a message is sent using a spoken language understandable by both the sender and the receiver), the written communication (where a message is sent by using symbols understandable by both the sender and the receiver) and the body language (also known as nonverbal communication, where a message is sent by

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