Why Is It Important? Essay

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The idea of necessary connection is meaningless according to Hume, since we never see the necessary connection. For example, in the event of a cue ball hiting an 8 ball. A person views the occurrence of the first event, the 8 ball moving and then the second event the 8 ball hitting the cue ball. These are two ideas that could be unrelated but the mind makes a connection. We can not assume what is occurring with any kind of certainty; since there is nothing clearly visible that connects the events. There is simply the action of an 8 ball hitting a cue ball. Hence, the connection is “in the dark” and invisible. Another example would be holding an object and then letting it drop to the ground. In this case there appears to be a sense of linkage in connection to the dropping of the object. It appears as though the 2nd object was apparently caused by the first event, letting go of the object. Hume makes the claim that finding the actual linkage of events is not possible. It is possible that they are discrete and disconnected, that just happened to occur to come side by side with time. Even if the raw data portarys that the events are apparently disconnected the mind will spontaneously connect the events. Another scenario would be person travelling on a trip from Florida Atlantic University to the country’s capital. The mind will fill in between the two events in attempt to link up the experiences, making the events appear connected. Nevertheless, a limitation regarding

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