Why Is It Important For Nursing Homes?

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Many of you have visited a nursing home at least once in your life. Maybe you work in a nursing home, or have a loved one that resides there. Think back to one time when you were at a nursing home. Did you ever notice that in most cases the staff to patient ratio is large? Meaning that there are many patients to one single staff member. You may have noticed multiple call-lights going off and not being answered quickly, patients sitting in the hallways with nothing to do and have maybe even seen some patients wandering around looking for assistance. I am not trying to offend anyone who works in a nursing home, I am simply trying to paint a picture to help answer the question: Why is it important for nursing homes to hire more help, so that the patient to staff ratio is smaller? Many older adults are moved to a nursing home when their health becomes too difficult for family members to manage alone or when finances run out. They may require assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, as well as 24 hour medical care. They may need special medical devices such as a feeding tube that the family is not comfortable taking care of. They may be incapacitated. A single nursing home has so many patients with a variety of needs, and often not enough staff to give the quality of care that they strive for. There are certain federal laws and regulations in place that are often not being met. For example, patients who are bedridden (meaning they cannot walk and
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