Why Is It Important For Oil And Gas Business?

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“The skill, good judgment, and the polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job”- this is what defined by popular “MERRIAM-WEBSTER” dictionary. As far as what we think about the term professionalism is that it is an application of mixture of abilities, skills, knowledge and commitments to an organization to which he/she is assigned. Every organization which recruits a person, expect the above qualities as a part of their professionalism. We will find almost the same definitions of it if we start looking in dictionaries but what professionalism is actually different that would be mentioned in dictionaries. Professionalism is not just the practical applications of concept and theoretical understanding; it is the…show more content…
Professionalism plays a crucial role in oil and gas industry right from the appraisal to the production stage. Appraisal stage includes the viability and economics of the project, so if we start our project with the lack of knowledge of accuracy success, we would be going in vain. If our geologist are not enough trained in their profession how could we get to know about t he geological subsurface structures and where we can found hydrocarbons, if our geophysicist are not skilled enough to perform seismic and gravity surface, how could we able to map the horizons and how could we get to know that where we should drill or where we should not drill. If our drillers are not much experienced in their profession, the situation will be like that we are not drilling to produce hydrocarbons, we would be drilling to throw our money in that hole. If our production engineers are not well skilled, how could be we able to optimize our production and can exploit in the most economical way. In the oil and gas industry, professionalism is a basic requirement from the people who work for energy production right from the geologist to production engineer stage. If we lack at any stage our whole project may lead to unsuccessful or net profit may reduce. Case Study 1. NATIONAL IRANION OIL COMPANY (courtesy: National Iranian oil company (NIOC) has successfully increased its production capacity of crude oil to 4.335 million barrels per day from March 2007 to March
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