Why Is It Important For Schools?

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4. Why is it important for schools to choose interventions that are evidence based? It is vital that schools choose evidence based interventions because they need to prevent and remediate learning and behavior difficulties with strategies that can be easily replicated and have been proven effective. When schools follow the six criteria (define the intervention operationally, list the qualifications of people who may use the intervention with success, provide the outcomes that may be expected, introduce the settings in which the intervention is expected to be effective, state the target population for whom the intervention is effective, and give the conceptual theory/basic mechanisms framing the intervention), schools are able to easily look at the evidence to view the effectiveness of the intervention. By doing this, schools can be assured that students are being offered the best interventions and taking steps in the right direction. Along with that, evidence based interventions can be easily repeated in the future and are accompanied with data to help schools continuously make improvements to better these programs and strategies. Our students deserve the best, and evidence based interventions are a great step in helping make that happen. 10. What are the goals of evaluating an intervention, and how are these goals measured? The two goals of the evaluation are to provide feedback to the staff regarding the implementation of interventions (process evaluation) and to
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