Why Is It Important To Be Unsafe Drivers?

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In America today, it is almost impossible to function in life without being able to drive. Driving for most teens is important because the teens always want to go go go. The parents don’t have time to take them places such as: to work, school, or to hang out with friends. Most teens get their license at 16, and after that they think they can do what they want on the roads. Teens have such little experience on the roads, and they need all the practice before taking on the roads. Teen drivers have a history of being unsafe drivers, so precautions have been made to limit wrecks caused by them.
The history involving teen drivers is full of shocking statistics. Such as “Teens are also more likely to have an accident while driving a car filled with their friends”(“Teen Drivers par. 6’’). This should show parents that letting their kids jump in the car with another teenager is risking every live in the vehicle. This means when teenagers hang out together, and they go places they should drive separate. Teenagers always want to go go go, so that is why they need their license at 16 to help the parents out to not make so many trips out to take them places. This also does not mean teenagers should be in the same vehicle because teenagers in one vehicle is too much of a distraction, and is an accident waiting to happen.
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The graduated license is ” To counteract the poor safety of teens”(“Graduated Licensing par. 1”). They do this because teens have such little experience on the roads, and need all the practice to help them learn. Without the graduated license, teens would be way more unsafe. Learning more about the roads everyday will help you keep safer in a vehicle. Learning from the mistakes you made while on the road will make you think that you are lucky. One little mistake can cost you your
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