Why Is It Important To Become Successful?

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In the summer of 2012, I was running and sweating, working as hard as I could, to show the varsity soccer coach that I could play varsity soccer. As tryouts came to an end, I was told I would not be on varsity due to my small stature, and they felt that I would get hurt. Even though I was good enough to play at the varsity level, my height kept me from what I love to do most, and I couldn't even control it. I was furious and began to show my emotion by giving everyone the cold shoulder and tearing up. I ran to my parents and threw myself into the car becoming closer and closer to blowing up. As I soon realized my height problems wouldn't only be seen on the soccer field. During my freshman year, people would see how small I was and call me 4 10, which was my height, midget, elf and etc. This wasn't an every…show more content…
Every day I felt like I was getting punched over and over again by a weightless fist. I kept these comments to myself and told no one even thought I should have because it would have made my life easier. As weeks passed, I still was the same height and the hatred kept pouring on and it kept weakening my self-esteem. One day that especially hurt was when I decided to run for class treasurer and I had to speak in front of my entire class as did the other candidates. Well one of them was my friend and the first thing they said to the class was "Well do you really want someone who is 4 10". I was so angry but my past experiences allowed me to keep my cool and this is where my success appeared. Because I had not told anyone about the verbal abuse I was taking from my friends I became stronger mentally. I realized that I was mentally numb to hurtful words and this made me strong. I probably wouldn't as tough as I am now if I had done the right thing and told the people and that was my failure test was vital to my late
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