Why Is It Important To Caregivere Pain?

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Most often patients have no hope of survival without the use of technology and drugs simply to keep them alive. According to Santrock (2015), "Even though painkillers are available, too many people experience severe pain during their last days and months of life”. (Meng & others, 2013) (p. 410). Struggling with severe pain can be frustrating and can make families dispersed. Pain can affect mood and easily make one angry or sensitive.
The end of life may be months, weeks, days, or hours depending on the situation at hand. This should be a time when many procedures and treatments should be knowledgeable by the caregiver in charge of a dying patient. “Traditionally, a hospital’s goals have been to cure illness and prolong life; in contrast, hospice care emphasizes palliative care, which involves reducing pain and suffering and helping individuals die with dignity” (Albrecht & others, 2013; Holloway & others, 2014; Kelly & others, 2014) (p. 410) Palliative care focuses on relieving pain and meeting practical needs. However, this new type of care enables quality of life. Care providers will work to identify and carry out goals: symptom relief, counseling, comfort, and everything that enhances your quality of life.
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Comfort care is a very important factor of medical care at the end of one’s life. It helps or soothes a person who is dying. The aim is to prevent or relieve suffering as much as possible while respecting the dying person’s wishes. Adequate training skills should be provided to health-care professionals so it can facilitate cases of treatment devices of dying patients. However, improving care for dying patients prevents and relieves pains and other
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