Why Is It Important To Have A Price Of Freedom

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In many countries and nations across the globe independence is such a valuable privilege that the people who possess it often take it for granted. Independence is an important part of America that soldiers have fought and died to keep. Each and every american person has rights and freedoms that cannot be stripped from them, and several other places strive for this level of personal independence, but never obtain it. While personal freedom is such a vital part of the daily life of American citizens, but people often treat it as if having independence is a thing that comes without a price. There are many different challenges that come with having a large amount of freedom. Each person has the choice of how they are going to live their life, but this isn’t always a good thing. A nation can’t work properly if there are no regulations or punishments for irresponsible behaviors. America gives its citizens control over their own lives, but it also contains…show more content…
All around the world people are living under harsh rule that most Americans could never began to understand. There are people who get persecuted for who the love, the way they look, or what they choose to believe in. People grow up without the basic freedoms Americans have grown so accustomed to that they don’t think twice about them. While America has had to make changes and progress to ensure that its people get to live the way they choose to, other countries still have massive amounts of pressure on their citizens. In conclusion personal independence has both positive and negative consequences to it, but many people would say the good outways the bad. The people who possess freedom often abuse it, and those who desperately long for it, will never obtain it. In a way the conversation of personal freedom is similar to the statement, people never know how good something is until it is
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