Why Is It Important To Pursue A Career In Elementary School?

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Throughout my educational career, one thing hung over my head, my illness and the absences it caused. In a good year I would miss a little under eighty days of school, bad years I may miss up to a hundred. Missing all of that school left me developmentally delayed, and often stressed out and overwhelmed by the mere thought of going to school. I eventually caught up with my education, but it took years of work and my condition subsiding before I was able to do so. By no means did I have a normal education, and having so much going on with me let me see both the best sides and the worst sides of teachers.
Elementary school I spent the first half of Elementary school going to St. Michael’s Catholic School in Annandale, and the second half at Olde Creek Elementary in Fairfax. St. Michael’s had teachers (some of them nuns) who had decades of experience: they were great at
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I found some compassionate and great teachers who really helped me move forward, and some who had a harder time sticking to the accommodations in my 504…show more content…
I had a history teacher who was actually an English major on a provisional license (it was also his first year) and only begrudgingly taught our class. I very clearly remember getting the highest grade on a test of his after having been absent for the entire unit and having had prepared for it with only the help of my parents. He lectured the class on having to study harder and a student commented back to him that maybe he needed to teach a little better. My history teacher the next year was the exact opposite, despite only having taught for a few years, she was incredibly supportive of all of her students and did an excellent job of differentiating between our varying educational
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