Why Is It Important To Pursue An A?

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Despite seemingly having a B in Choristers (which I learned was due to an attendance error), I have managed to make all A’s for this semester (an accomplishment I am very proud of)! This surprised me, as I felt that I would have a lot more difficulty getting and maintaining an A in more difficult classes such as MUS 170 and MUS 171. In classes such as PS 210 and WRD 112, I felt more at ease at getting the grades that I did, perhaps because it was more academically oriented rather than creatively as done in my music minor courses. Even then, I still worried quite a bit about how well I was doing and was going to do. I remember feeling apprehensive about all of my classes, honestly. I felt that I would have difficulty getting an A when I first began as they all were so fast paced and had such difficult content. It also felt as though everyone else in my classes was having quite a bit of ease with their courses, not really having to worry or study as much as I did. However, I felt myself gradually getting more and more used to all of the courses’ content and the way that they were taught. It took some adjusting to, but the change happened about the middle of my first month.…show more content…
This includes working together with others in study groups, making sure to utilize new found study skills, asking questions, attending tutoring sessions, and making sure that I put time and effort into my work. It has been quite a lot more work than I anticipated, but I am honestly very glad that it has been. If it was, I would feel less accomplished in myself, almost as if I was just going to a second high school. However, college is much unlike high school in the aspect that not everything will come easily to me, and I have to understand that fact before I can truly
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