Why Is It Important To Understand People

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In today's technological era where you see children plugged into ear phones whilst going to school. It is very important to understand the psychology of a person when you are in a position to judge his or her actions. I personally think that praising positive actions along with having some form of disapproval for the negative deeds works wonders in helping a person learn.

However coming back to my previous point of understanding people especially children when it comes to judgement is a concerning matter in today's world. Since technology has made kids so aloof from reality, making friends and talking to somebody is not as easy for them as we had it during our days. For example if a kid is lonely and doing bad in his academics do you think
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A few days ago I read another such horrific incident in the news paper. A young college student worked an entire semester on a programming project which would allow robotic droids to recognise speech patterns in humans and tell them the mood the person is in. Unfortunately the college did not recognise his work and since he failed the the normal year end exams due to have spent most of his time on the project, the college failed him and disregarded his work. The boy fell into depression and committed suicide.

For me growing up was the most fun part of my life. Since there were no self created technological barriers it was easy to mix and mingle with people and share our feelings. Most of us remember being chided in our childhood for the wrong deeds that we did and those are the things we still look back to and base our rights and wrongs upon. Also at the same time I remember being praised for working hard in school,college and currently at work which makes me push my self and achieve more.

We cannot completely ignore the negative actions of a person. That may lead some to believing that those actions are an accepted norm.
So I think it's best to have a blend of both praise and criticism in one's life. But as the times have changed the methods in which we go about it have to be adjusted as well. Striking a balance is what should be aimed
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