Why Is It Important To Use Electronic Medical Records?

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Medical administration has come a long way, throughout the years technology has made things easier for patients’ record to be tracked and monitored. Even though technology is a huge factor that the medical industry has benefited from, there are still things that can go wrong. Medical administration is one of the most important things that follows a patient and tells a lot about his medical history. Most medical professionals rely on the administration part in order to ensure the patient is getting the best medical treatment possible, nothing is always certain but with the help of accurate patient documentation and up to date medical records, anything is possible. There are many great benefits to using electronic medical records, but like any technology based system their can always be a downside to it. One of the good things is being able to do away with the paper consumption, especially when you have a patient with a long…show more content…
This is an immensely great feature that can be used and help the providers with scheduling patients’ visits, especially if the patient is a geriatric one and doesn’t have a great memory. The only thing wrong that I would see with this is if a patient does get an appointment scheduled, the providers office doesn’t necessarily know what the patient has scheduled that day either. Medical records are a very important part of the medical procedure, even though it is not direct care the patient receives. There are many reasons as to why written or paper records should still be used in conjunction to the electronic forms that are mostly used today. This I think would be the best way for patient tracking and recording to be done in any setting, Technology can be a life saver in the medical field, but only with the right care and training can it be the only thing we can rely
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