Why Is It Important to Learn Child Development.?

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why is it The Importance of why early years students should study child development.y. To provide effective learning and growing experiences for children and babies it is vital to have the understanding and knowledge of how children develop through-out their childhood years. `Early childhood studies 2007 Mary Wild p34` quotes that “ without some theoretical understanding the danger is that, at best, we do things in particular ways out of professional habit and thereby run the risk of not providing as worthwhile a learning experience as we could” Studying Child Development enables us to be prepared for the expected and even unexpected: behavior, physical, social and emotional changes that will take place in many stages during a…show more content…
By observing the child you would be able to plan lessons that will hopefully encourage them to get better in theses certain areas of development. If you still had a concern about a child and there was no change in that area of development you would then need to Confine in a specialist with all the right facts of the difficulty, so they could receive the right support and help that they may require. If you had not studied child development you would not know that this was not normal and that the child was having difficulties therefore a child who requires additional help and support would not be able to receive it if the problem had not been identified, By studying child development you aware of situations like this that you may come across working with babies and children. In general I think the position of any person that works in a professional early years environment needs to have a superior understanding of the theory and scientific side of child development, without this your in danger of not been aware of certain circumstances that may need to be dealt with efficiently and professionally, it also helps to give you a understanding of `why they’re doing that, why cant they understand this, why are they in a mood why can 1 child do this and not another` and so
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