Why Is It Morally Wrong To Use Animals In Biomedical Research

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Are animals’ mere means for human ends or are they individual beings deserving of the same dignity, respect and rights humans have? The issue surrounding the use of animals in biomedical research is ever controversial and relevant; so much so that viewpoints on the debate sit on opposite ends of the spectrum. Both Peter Singer and Ronald Regan believe animals should be treated humanely, arguing for the same conclusion - that animals should be treated the same as humans. However, such a conclusion to extend the same rights to animals is achieved through different means. On the contrary, proponents such as Barauch Brody believe an interest-based approach is the correct and morally-just way to address animal testing.
Both viewpoints hold a place in society today, however, this essay will argue it is morally wrong to use animals in biomedical research. This is on the grounds that animals deserve the same equality and consideration in their rights as humans due to their possession of inherent value.

Central to this debate is the idea of inherent value. That is to say,
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However, instead of sex or race being the discriminatory factor, a member’s species is substituted. According to Singer, such a discrimination is wrong as it goes against the principle of equal consideration. As such, speciesism cannot be used to validate animal suffering receiving little consideration in terms of interests; there is no morally relevant difference between the two species that entitles them receiving greater interests. The only reason such a distinction occurs is that humans belong to their own species, which in their eyes is superior. However, it is not justifiable to give preference to beings simply because they are not members of homosapiens. There is no characteristic of being human that justifies them being given greater moral significance on what happens to
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