Why Is It Our Anatomy That Makes Us Human?

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A question that has gnawed at my soul since before I can remember is what makes us, and why are we here. Our universe exists to challenge us. It gives us a feeling of emptiness in our stomach when we realize the vast, vastness of it is incomprehensible. That most of the galaxy in which we reside can never be seen or felt by the human species. It makes us question our existence, the idea that we came from nothing exists beyond the realm of our imagination. However, the idea that we came from something only leaves us with more questions. Is it our anatomy that makes us human? Is it our ability to feel, and change? Why is it we are here and does this explanation have anything to do with who we are.“Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.” Laurence J. Peter once wrote. When I read this it makes me question the idea of human constants. The idea of the ultimate truths love, happiness and suffering. The things we as humans strive toward and away from. Are we as humans so predictable that from one generation to the next we cannot conceive a larger basic goal to achieve? Or are these the reason we are here, to find the true meaning behind our existence. Let me focus on me. My life has been a string of constant change. I could not even be the constant variable I wanted. Through a series of religions, locations, divorces, and a string of childhood drama I feel I have lived 80 years in my 17 years on this
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