Why Is It Queer With Its Twists And Turns As Every One Of Us Sometimes Learn

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Considering the Present

“Life is queer with its twists and turns as every one of us sometimes learn” (Don’t Quit, 1881-1959). As I begin to reflect on events in my life that made me who I am today in my development, I would have to highlight receiving my high school diploma and passing the Praxis Para-Pro assessment. These two events have shaped my development in terms of gaining opportunities, increased confidence, and self-respect. These two events have also taught me the importance of remaining diligent and persistent in my academics and working career. I will be sharing how Bronfenbrenner’s rings of microsystem and mesosystem (Mossler, 2013) had the most impact on my development and more importantly how it supports me as an online learner today.

Receiving My High School Diploma
In grade school I struggled academically. Eventually, the outcome resulted in me receiving an individualized education plan (I.E.P.). For years, my lack of confidence from having an IEP contributed to my lack of motivation. In essence, these factors stifled my academic career. I struggled with the emotions of not being smart enough. I never sought guidance from instructors, which ultimately caused me to fall behind even more. By the time I entered high school I was considerably behind. Finally, my twelfth grade English teacher sat me down and had a conversation with me. She shared with me that she believed in me. No one had ever taken the time to say those four words to me. It had a profound…
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