Why Is It So Hard For Do Survive College? Essay

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Why is it so hard to do survive college? Why are there so many student that complain that they it’s not for them? Well the reason is because they don’t know the right way to survive the go in blindly and think it just going to be like high school. Wrong it not and trust me I have learned in my short time that I have attended college. But with these easy steps I think that you may be able to make out alive. The first step is to start training early before the semester even starts. Meaning during the summer we do not have school. So start getting you’re self-organized. Prepare yourself for your classes. Set goals of what you want to achieve. Especially for student that have just graduated from high school need to know that college is way different. The second step is to always attend all your classes. The reason this is such a big issues is that you’re not going to be going to school for 8 hour per day. So when students transition to college they may only have one class a day and many student get lazy and think its okay I can skip class he really doesn’t do much or either they don’t go because of the duration of the class. So don’t miss your classes because it will help to know the material. The third step is very important. You need to study your professor see how there attuide is, try to understand the format of the class. How he gives assignment, is he a strict professor. The reason this is so important is because everyone is different and you are going to have to
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