Why Is It The Interest Of United Law?

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Why is it in the interest of states to obey International Law? ABSTRACT A growing discussion amongst IR scholars and International legal scholars alike has been the debate on if International law (IL) is really law especially since it lacks the basic characteristics of domestic law. Is international law a law just in name or in action also? If it is a law, do states obey this Law? And why will it be in the interest of a state to obey such law (if it does exist). This essay is an attempt to explain what IL is and to point out likely reasons why it is in a state interest to obey IL. This essay is drawn largely from work written by various scholars at different times to draw my conclusion INTRODUCTION: All states in the contemporary international system, both great and small, are compelled to justify their behaviour according to an international legal framework. Although Goldsmith & Posner (2005:4) contended that due to the fact that most academic work on International Law has been written by Law Professors, they explained that these scholars have all shared an assumption which is not empirical enough, these assumptions drawn from the international rules of opinion juris (the “sense of legal obligation” that makes customary international law binding) and pacta sunt servanda (the rule that all treaties must be obeyed) They however opined that Contemporary international law scholarship does not deny that states have interests and they try to pursue them. This essay seeks to
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