Why Is It Violent Video Games Falt That Shootings Happen Around The World

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Lead (attention grabber/WOW statement- Is it Violent video games falt that shootings happen around the world?
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Background information -People accuse violent video games are the make reason that shootings happen but thats not the case. A little kid beat up a kid at school and got a assult charge but the police invesigate and learn he was playing video games all week and night. Apon futher investagtion they lean he was playing wii fit and mairo party.
Thesis statement- Violent video games should not be banned because it causes less violence

1st body
Violent video games cause less violence.
Tobias Greitemeyer andDrik O mug from the universty of Innsburck found studies thats video games incress aggression and vilonce.
The reason
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