Why Is Japan’S Population Starting To Plunge?. My Research

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Why Is Japan’s Population Starting To Plunge? My research topic was about Japan’s population but more importantly, it was about Japan’s fertility rate and why it was dropping so dramatically. The questions that needed to be answer for this topic was, “what’s happening with Japan’s fertility rate?”, “why is Japan’s population declining?”, and “is the fertility rate dropping low due to work?”. The answer to these questions in general is that Japan’s fertility rate has been dropping for the past few decades and it’s affecting the population. Research has shown that the cause of this problem is due to work, especially for the women. The problem first started in the mid 1970’s, where every year, fewer and fewer children were being born in…show more content…
Singapore has reached 1.2 births per woman and South Korea has one of most the lowest fertility rate in the world. It is slightly less than 1.1 births per woman. South Korea’s fertility rate went from 228,100 births in January-June 2015 to 215, 200 births in January-June 2016. A South Korean expert on family and gender, says that in order to understand the issue, especially in Korea, we needed to take a closer look at attitudes on marriage, childbearing, and gender roles, with economics playing a large role, too. Women in modern Korea, who has a high level of education could therefore most likely have the potential for economic independence and could have developed non-traditional views on marriage and childbearing. A trend suggested that an increasing proportion of women will be evaluating costs and benefits of having children and other options in life such as having more time for employment and other non-familial activities. Young men and women who are in their early 30’s grew up in an era where South Korea was experiencing its most fast economic growth. It is most likely that they have formed a taste for a high level of consumption and high expectations of social and economic advances in their adult life. Over the course of 2005 to 2014, the fertility rate in Japan has dropped down by .01 point from the previous year to 1.42. Last year, the Japanese nation suffered the largest natural decline in its population ever as the number of newborns hit a low record and

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