Why Is Julius Caesar Bad

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As you read Julius Caesar you get to know the characters better and better. Like you start to understand that Cassius is way wrong with the whole plan to kill Caesar, and that Brutus should not have listened to him, but that we are talking about Brutus let me just say some things about him. Brutus was a fellow friend of Caesar but the problem was is that he started to listen to Cassius a fellow traitor of Caesar but used to be his friend a long time ago, in the story when Cassius and Brutus met on the day when Caesar has come from his conquest from Pompay Cassius told Brutus stories of how Caesar was a little girl and that he got cold for just falling in to the river and how he cried for help and Cassius helped him but he was a shamed of having such a little girl of a leader. To say the truth Brutus was not that bad of a person, he was a very good friend with Caesar, I bet he would have helped Caesar with anything, but the things changed and Cassius persuaded Brutus that Caesar was a…show more content…
Brutus also claimed that he loved Caesar a lot. Caesar was not as bad as Cassius thought, his decision making for Rome was better than others could have done. Of cores Caesar has done some things that brought up roars but they were not as bad enough that he deserved all for his friends to kill him. At the funeral for Caesar, Brutus was also trying and did lied, he also started to point out fingers for something he did not do. If Brutus was patriot then why did he lie about killing Caesar? What else can Brutus lie about in the future that can also detriment Rome, the city he so loves?
When you ask yourself, is Brutus a betrayer or patriot? Also ask yourself what else Brutus can lie about in the future that can also detriment Rome, the city he so loves as he did at Caesars Funeral. Brutus killed is best friend, supposedly for the good of Rome. But if Brutus will kill his own friend what else may he do in the
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