Why Is Karl Marx So Anti Semitic?

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If we were to read "On the Jewish Question" by Karl Marx for the first time we would probably ask "Why is Karl Marx so anti-Semitic?”. If you wanted to read Marx just for fun than yes it would see so, but if you were a serious reader than you would know this is not true. The questions any reader should ask him/or herself is what did nineteenth-century Germans mean by "the Jewish question"? What did the phrase mean to Marx? What was Marx 's own experience of Jews and Judaism outside his immediate family, and how did it translate into what he had to say on the issue? If the Jewish question is tied up in Marx 's mind with his ideas about how people become free, then what does his stance toward the emancipation of the Jews tell us about his notion of freedom? At the beginning of the nineteenth century, German liberals began to follow the ideals of the French revolutionary leaders and start to draft a constitution just like the French people (Fischman, p.769). However, the status of the Jews throughout the kingdom remained the same as it was during the ‘Middle Ages’. For explain Jews were not citizens in Germany, they were not even consider humans under the law (Fischman, p.769). They existed as ‘serfs of the chamber’ the personal property of the king; however under Napoleon’s rule the Jews of Germany became citizens before the law (Fischman, p.769). However that was only a short lived freedom. After the defeat of Napoleon most of the Jews in Germany were pushed for fighting
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