Why Is Knowledge Important?

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Introduction While knowledge acquisition is important in our life, it is more important to discuss the definition of knowledge. What is knowledge? Is there only one kind of knowledge or many different types? When can somebody be set to have knowledge? Can you now know that this printed page is in front of you or are you hallucinating? These questions need to be asked before looking at the Justified True Belief (JTB) theory.

II. Types of Knowledge There are three different types of knowledge: know-how, object and propositional. Object knowledge is acquaintance about place, person or a thing. The know-how knowledge deals with the ability to know something (how to ride a bike). The last type of knowledge is the propositional knowledge, the type that we will be concentrating on in this paper. In a propositional knowledge the entity of the verb is a proposition – which could either be true or false. Propositional knowledge doesn’t require having a direct connection with the object that the proposition is about. For example, someone named A knows that the Himalayas Mountains are in Asia. By definition, A can have the knowledge that Himalayas Mountains are located in Asia without actually having to be there.

III. Belief and Truth Belief and truth are directly related to each other. Lets say A knows that x (x being any knowledge) then in this case A must believe that x. Subsequently, if A knows that x, then x must be true. Belief and truth are requirements for knowledge.
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