Why Is Lacey Seeking Counseling At This Time? Essay

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Case Scenario #1 – Lacey
Why is Lacey seeking counseling at this time?
Lacey is seeking counseling at this time because her primary presenting issue is her feelings of uncertainty in regards to completing her graduate studies. In addition to her primary presenting issue, it is important that we explore Lacey’s underlying issues that she may be feeling as well. Lacy is feeling anxious, down and has expressed feelings of insecurity in large part due to the cultural differences amongst the students and faculty at the university as well as the new predominately White community that she has become a part of. She is in her mid-sixties so I wonder if the feelings she has expressed are related in some part to feelings of oppression or inferiority in past educational settings growing up in the era of segregation. Lacey also is experiencing some pressure because she is the first in her family to attend graduate school. Lacey seems to be stressed and depressed.
What aspects of Lacey’s story are most relevant to her seeking counseling at this time and in what ways did cultural variables interact with the client’s presenting issues?
The most relevant aspects of Lacey seeking counseling at this time is all of the issues mentioned above and the mere fact that she is experiencing them all at the same time during this very emotional, mental, cultural and intellectual challenging experience. The reality that these issues are compounding has made this experience increasingly overwhelming.

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