Why Is Leadership Style Important

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Why is Leadership Style Important? By John Cronkite Ed.D. www.dirigoconsulting.com A Few Reminders from Last Month: One of the most significant strengths of an effective leader is the ability to create a positive work climate. In an outstanding organizational climate, people are energized to do their best work, free of unnecessary distractions. Climates that energize workers to produce their very best can improve results by as much as 30 percent. What’s New This Month: Up to 70 percent of an employee’s perception of organizational climate can be traced directly to the actions of you as the organization’s leader. More than anyone else, you as the boss create the conditions that determine people’s ability to work well. Research by David…show more content…
Hold information sharing meetings. Keep people informed about issues that impact them. Share decision making with others. This will require that they have the necessary information regarding the issues to be decided Use it to generate fresh ideas for executing the vision o o o o Page 3 Final Thoughts Understanding your behavioral style as a leader is key to improving your leadership abilities and the results that you are able to achieve through others. It is useful for you to identify the pattern of behaviors that you intend to use; however, it is even more important to gather feedback about how your style affects others. I have been assisting my clients in gathering this feedback by using a 360-degree online instrument, The Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS). They have found it very useful for focusing their development on critical styles to improve their effectiveness at getting results through others. Please give me a call if you would like to explore this application with you or your team. John Cronkite works with leaders faced with the challenge of implementing change that will be sustained over time. Sustaining
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