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The Importance of Stella McCartney Winning the BFA’s Brand of the Year Award

This Monday night the prestigious British Fashion Awards were held in London celebrating this year’s designers and creatives who have progressively impacted the fashion industry. The importance of the ceremony can be compared to the Oscars for the film industry; only the most elite and accomplished in the business are awarded. Some of the recipients of the reward include the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, designer J.W Anderson who actually received two awards, model Jourdan Dunn, and the celebrated high-end men’s designer Tom Ford.

Yet one of the most coveted honors is the Brand of the Year award, and the fortunate winner of the prize this year is Stella McCartney. While the brand has achieved remarkable success, it’s their ethical point of view towards sustainability and animal rights that makes them a unique staple in the fashion world.

Stella McCartney represents a modern way of thinking in an industry that at times struggles to break out of their comfort zone. She provokes her peers by advising them to look at the bigger picture, encouraging them to realize that their creative choices do impact the environment and the future of our planet. McCartney never fails to emphasize that she is proud to represent a luxury brand with a twist. When creating a RTW collection or
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By showing a healthy growth in her brand throughout the last 15 years proves to other influential designers that their creative voices do not have to be compromised in order to have renowned success. It opens the doors into exploring new ways of working with fabrics, modern technology, and less harmful chemicals. Overall it is exciting to see how this one brand has eliminated the taboo of being sustainable in luxury fashion, and through this award has an even more powerful voice to spread their
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