Why Is MRI Important?

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As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, doctors and scientists are inventing new, harmless, and painless ways to observe your internal systems. In 1970, Raymond Damadian was able to connect the use of magnetism and radio waves as an instrument that could be of use in the medical field. He was able to create a tool that would change the medical world. This machine gives clear images of the inside of the body, making diagnoses easier to determine and also more accurate (Bergman). Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, more commonly known as the MRI, are a very popular tool in the medical field because it is painless and it does not use ionizing radiation; which can produce terrible side effects and can even damage your organs.…show more content…
The MRI is done in an enclosed area making it a very scary and uncomfortable experience for those that have issues with claustrophobia. There are open MRI machines, but there are very few across the country at the moment making your options very limited unless you are located near one of the few open machines. The MRI also makes very loud noises due to the large amounts of electrical currents rushing through the machine, the machine can be so loud that many hospitals offer ear buds and medications to help keep the patient calm. An MRI can be a scary experience for some, but the good definitely outweighs the bad in this situation. An MRI consists of multiple powerful magnets which cause the atoms to resonate within the body. The nuclei produce their very own magnetic field which is able to be picked up by scanners and then turned into pictures for easier study and documentation. Since the body is mostly made up of water, the hydrogen atoms are able to align once the magnets are turned on in the machine. Two of the most popular MRIs would be the Functional MRI which studies the blood flow to the brain, while the Diffusion MRI studies the water molecules and how they diffuse throughout the body
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