Why Is Majoring Is Accounting At The University Of Texas At San Antonio

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During a catastrophic event such as a zombie apocalypse, the zombies are pursing us with only one goal in mind and that is to eat us alive. With everyone running for his or her lives and trying to escape from the zombies, chaos is expected. Therefore, with someone who is majoring in accounting will be beneficial to the community. As an accounting major, one will have knowledge on how to take inventory on supplies needed, help with distribution of goods and assist with managing the supplies. Students can pursue a degree in accounting at The University of Texas At San Antonio. The College of Business has certain requirement, for instance, students is require to have 21 credit hours, in which 15 credit hours are business course. After obtain the 15 hours for the require business course, the students can then apply to the College of Business. Referring to Figure 1, represent a variety of major in the College of Business and its career options. However, with a degree in accounting, there are many career options one can take. For example, one can pursue a job as a Financial Accountant. As a Financial Accountant, the job can consist of preparing financial statement, or running spreadsheets. On the contrary, accounting major can also acquire a license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This will allow them to work as an auditor, tax compliance, estate and financial planner. The texts I have selected were written by and for Business majors and all have a common structure and

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