Why Is Makeup An Art Form

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This essay aims to educate people on how makeup isn’t just a away to cover up insecurities, but also a way to express ones emotion using colors to enhance the features of the human body. It’s a magazine article, that will peak the interest of those who are interested in makeup, art and all things colorful. It is also for those who deem that the make up is any less an art than painting, sketching or sculpting. It is an argumentative read, that will talk on why makeup should be considered as an art form and it hopes to change the views of people against make up being an art form.

If you think make up is just a way to cover up ones insecurities and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously, this article is for you. Make up is the usage of cosmetics to enhance ones outer beauty using various techniques such as contouring (to lay definition on ones
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All over social media, beauty gurus, celebrities, make up artists and everyday people connect with one another to share their creations. This way, it’s easier for people to share products and techniques so that anyone has the ability to recreate a look or even create a completely new trend. A Diversity of people take inspiration from the work of others to create their own unique masterpiece, for their next day’s makeup look.

Drag Queens use makeup in an absolutely different way. These Drag Queens use makeup to alter their face completely. This is the true beauty of the human face as a canvas. One can change how shadows look on one’s the face, what parts are highlighted and even the shape of one’s eye, just with makeup. Drag makeup trends create looks that match an outfit or idea that the wearer has. The face the most essential part of this whole process. Accentuating certain features or altering one’s facial structure with costume make up is an artistic way for an artist to express
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