Why Is Michelangelo Important During The Renaissance

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During the renaissance there were quite a few significant people. One of those people was Michelangelo. He was a man of many skills and some of them include sculpting, painting, poetry, and even architecture. You’ve most likely heard of, or even seen some of his work, since it is widely acknowledged today. Michelangelo was one of the most significant artists during the renaissance and here’s why. Michelangelo was a very gifted sculptor. Some of his most recognizable sculptures would be the statue of Moses, the statue of David, and the statue Pieta. Many people consider him one of the greatest sculptors ever. Let’s start with the statue of Moses. It is located in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome. The statue was built after Michelangelo…show more content…
The work done on the walls and ceiling in the Sistine Chapel holds some of his greatest pieces. Many say it is a cornerstone work of renaissance art. One painting found in the chapel is the Creation of Adam, completed in 1512. It illustrates the creation of Adam as he and God almost touch hands, and it has become an icon of humanity. It is also one of the most recreated religious paintings of all time. The Last Judgement is another painting found in the chapel. It depicts the return of Jesus Christ to Earth and God’s judgment of the world. In the middle of the painting is Jesus and he is surrounded by some Saints. Below Jesus, it shows the ascension of the dead into heaven and the decent of unworthy souls into hell. It was finished in 1541. These were only some of Michelangelo’s most famous works; there are many other well-known sculptures and paintings he has…show more content…
He was able to chisel and paint very fine details such as veins, wrinkles, muscles, and bones into his art. The reason he achieved such realism was because as a young man he studied anatomy and dissected human corpses, which allowed him to gain a better understanding of the human body. Michelangelo also attended the Humanist academy where he studied some important philosophers and writers who influenced his art. Some of them include: Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, and Poliziano. Around the age of 16, he was also able to work with a sculptor named Bertoldo di Giovanni. Another thing that influenced Michelangelo’s art style was his interest in Greek and Roman art. He brought back certain details in Greek and Roman art which also influenced other artists to paint art that wasn’t Christian themed. He was a dedicated catholic, which inspired many of his
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