Why Is Mommy Important To Me

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Jeremy In the song “Jeremy” we read, listened, and watched a song about a kid. The 3 tones were all different and I will explain them to you. As on is sad. The other one is exciting. The last one is even more depressing then the other 3. So I will explain to you why these are now. The first tone is us reading the lyrics simply. The lyrics’’ tone was sad because when you read the song, some of it says “I remember picking on the boy” and “Daddy didn’t give attention to the fact mommy didn’t care.” These are only 2 of the several song quotes that make it sad. As in 2 problems are the parents are neglecting their child, and he is being bullied by reading it. So the mood is sad for this. Now the second one is listening to the music, when the singer says the lyrics he makes it sound exciting. As he is saying it with excitement, making us all excited as well. So this Defeats the point of the sad tone in reading it.…show more content…
While how he sings it is exciting. The films scenes are more depressing because it shows what’s happening in his life. As he is being punched, and his parents neglecting him. So this would be more depressing then the other 2
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