Why Is Mr Bauumer Guilty

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Mr. Baumer isn’t guilty, and I know because he made a deal to keep his word. If you reason with the defense, you will discover Me. Baumer wouldn’t have been shocked to hear about Slade passing, or even denied his death. Why would Mr. Baumer kill his new friend, or how would he have killed him if the man froze to death? He was devastated to hear the news, he couldn’t even bare to see him dead. Moore on the other hand seemed delighted to deliver the bad news, and “found him dead”. When Al looked at Slade dead he didn't look as if he froze either, although he was stiff as if he died sitting in a chair. Moore could have trapped him somewhere in the cold and framed Mr. Baumer. Mr. Baumer couldn’t have set Sled up in a trap, he can’t even use one
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