Why Is Myrtle Beach So Popular

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Why does Ocean Boulevard make Myrtle Beach, S.C So Popular? In most cases, when people hear the name South Carolina they instantly think Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular places in South Carolina. Why is Myrtle Beach so popular? Myrtle Beach is popular because of Ocean Boulevard, better known as the “Strip.” The famous history cultivated the popularity of Ocean Boulevard, along with the amusement parks and entertainments, the best dining places, special events and most of all its beautiful weather especially in the summer. First of all, the history and background is always something that is great to know about a place. Myrtle Beach’s history is fun-filled, intriguing, and fascinating. In fact, Myrtle Beach’s “first inhabitants were the Waccamaw Indians and the Winyah Indians”; they named their region Chicora which means “the land” ("Myrtle Beach"). Kings highway, a major thoroughfare through Myrtle Beach, began as an Indian trail long before Europeans settled along the Grand Strand. Later, kings’ highway became the route from the northern states to Charleston, S.C and Savannah, G.A. The first inhabitants are the subject of the oldest and most elusive stories. While so much has been written about Native Americans in Myrtle Beach, many facts about local tribes in Myrtle Beach are not…show more content…
Everyone loves Myrtle Beach year round but the summer time is the best time to go to enjoy the beaches, every type of amusement that is available and the spontaneous things that are only available during the summer. In June and July Myrtle Beach ranges from about 88 to 91 degrees ("Myrtle Beach"). The weather is hot, but not uncomfortable. Myrtle Beach has weather that you can enjoy and always have a great time in. Unlike Florida, where it is always hot, dry and humid almost year round, Myrtle Beach has the perfect weather for someone’s family and friends to enjoy all summer
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