Why Is Natapoff Important To Overcrowded Prisons?

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“Things always look greener on the other side.” Individuals arrested for petty theft and small crimes are always placed in an ultimatum, spend two or more years in jail or snitch on drug dealers and other criminals. This harsh decision whether to spend time in isolation away from family and friends or put themselves in direction pathways to danger is the main way that society connects with the information presented in these articles. The decision of the individual can have unique effects on the citizens of the area. If an individual elects to serve their time for the crime, they will spend more than twenty-four months in prison, isolation from the outside that takes in taxpayers’ money to supply low quality food to overcrowded prisons. If the individuals with this ultimatum…show more content…
Using her ethos as a well-known law professor, Natapoff adds in many Supreme Court and federal-state court cases and legal language used to depict them. With the indented audience being an average student who wishes to learn more about the criminal system this type of language is not appropriate. Natapoff should have kept her writing in the simple tone in which she started her essay off in, allowing for the call to action, in the end, to be improved and stronger. On the other hand, Natapoff’s ethos is an advantage for the article, as it pushes more people to consider and support her thesis because they know her reasons have been shaped through knowledge and understanding. “The Throwaways” advantages come in the form of emotional appeals as readers can easily connect to the stories that the author presents, thinking of their loved ones in the place of criminal informants who end up deceased by the end of their job. However, relying on mostly pathos and leaving go of ethos and logos can lead to a devastating argument, calling for facts to be more dispersed more evenly throughout her
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