Why Is Natural Science?

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Although it may be a subconscious process, it is inevitable that humans ‘value’ certain knowledge more than others - both on a personal level and more widely as a society or community. The titular statement insinuates that knowledge is endowed with value when it is produced with difficulty. However, there is a lot of ambiguity regarding both the concept of difficulty and value of knowledge. Possible stances with regard to the statement will be greatly influenced by the way difficulty and value is defined. As an initial starting point, difficulty will be defined and measured in terms of effort expended and the time consumed to produce the knowledge. Value of knowledge will be defined as the importance, worth or usefulness of the knowledge.…show more content…
Thereby, if we consider using sense perception to be an easy means of producing knowledge, then it follows that knowledge is easy to produce in Natural Science. Nonetheless, due to the knowledge having many practical applications, it is still valued despite the production process not being particularly difficult.

Furthermore, defining difficulty in terms of effort has a shortcoming. From the perspective of someone who has an ocular impairment, producing the same knowledge about rates of reaction will be more difficult as they might not be able to see the colour change. This illustrates that defining difficulty in terms of effort and time leads to difficulty becoming a relative concept due to the subjective nature of effort- hence why my initial definition of difficulty is limiting.

For a new definition, a more holistic view of the method of knowledge production in Natural Science must be taken. Obtaining empirical evidence using sense perception is only one step in the whole process. The observations must be interpreted using reason, which requires greater effort and time, as rigorous thinking is required. Perhaps the most difficult step is the first one: the proposal of either a new theory, hypothesis or prediction. This is difficult as the scientist must think out of the box in unconventional ways. They must question the validity of widely accepted theories. Thereby, a better definition for difficulty is the
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