Why Is Needs Assessment Necessary?

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I. A needs assessment is something that many organizations overlook. Sometimes people assume that needs are noticeable, but with the money that it takes to train employee’s, it is better to get all the details up front in order to plan an effective training program. A needs assessment identifies gaps between current and desired results—not means—and places those in priority order on the basis of the costs to meet the needs as compared to the costs to ignore the needs (Smith & Jones ,2015). The gaps that are between current results and desired results are called needs, and needs are also referred to as problems. The importance of needs assessment today is huge and this will help you find any needs that your organization has. I will be discussing the essence of needs assessment and how this process can help your organization. II. Why is needs assessment Necessary? In today’s world, training is viewed as a cost on the budget sheet. In order to help leaders see the value of training, you must first find out what they expect the training to achieve (Why, 2011). We must ask questions to find out what they believe the learning needs to be. Not only do we need to find out learning needs, but also the results of their performance after the training (Why, 2011). There are many elements that affect training in the organization like, environment, management, employee attitudes, and the plan for the training program (Why, 2011). You should include as many people that have a stake in the

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