Why Is Nina Dobrev A Good Role Model

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Everyone has a different role model for their own different reasons. Sometimes it's just because of what they do and their films, and other times it's because of their great personality and loving nature. Overall, everyone has a specific person they look up to whether it's a celebrity or their mother. Nina Dobrev, one of many actresses, stands out amongst the crowd for me. She is kind and compassionate and always modest and humble. Through hard work, patience, and persistence, Nina Dobrev has become a successful actress as well as an amazing role model. Nina Dobrev's childhood held many amazing memories for her. Born on January 9, 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria; her full name was Nikolina Constantinova Dobreva, but Nina Dobrev for short. When Nina…show more content…
For one, she supports many charities like communities in schools,, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Free The Children, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, Rape Foundation, and many more (Look To The Stars). "My parents gave us chores and wanted us to work for everything. We never got anything handed to us. I bought my first car. I learned that if I want something in life, I have to take the necessary steps and measures to achieve what I want" (141). Nina works hard and never gives up, following what her parents taught her and what she is teaching to supporters everyday. "I've always wanted to constantly challenge myself and play different characters in different genres, whether it's action, drama, romantic, comedy, or a period piece. I'll never take a part just for a paycheck or to fill time. I want to do projects that I really enjoy" (148). Instead of just doing things she doesn't really what to do, she manages to do what she lives and she does it so well it inspires young minds to follow her lead, to work for the things they want. Through hard work and persistence, Nina Dobrev has become a successful actress and inspiring role model. Her childhood which led to her acting shows young girls to work for what they want. All her films and television shows are the outcome of that persistence and hard work. Nina Dobrev may have what she wants, a great career that she loves with great friends she loves, but she never stops working and never stops supporting other people and friends. What makes anyone a good role mode is their story and personality in which Nina Dobrev has no shortage
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