Why Is Nurse Managers As A Leader?

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For the hospital as for any other organization to be successful, it is very important that employees work in harmony to provide best healthcare to the patients. "Because leadership involves the exhibition of style or behavior by managers or supervisors while dealing with subordinates, leadership is a critical determinant of the employees’ actions toward the achievement of the organizational goals" (Saeed, Almas, Anis-il-Haq, & Niazi, 2014) . In every organization, emotional tension and conflicts are always present. The main role of the leader is to release tension, resolve conflicts, provide support to followers, and to reward followers accordingly. Another main role of the leader is to make sure that people work together to effectively. Nurse managers as a leaders in healthcare, work in complicated healthcare ethical environment and make decisions that are related to patient satisfaction, nursing quality, ethical climate, finance allocation, and so on. Nurse managers are challenged every day by many dilemmas and issues and to resist that dilemmas, nurse managers must be able to make decisions that are based on ethics. The purpose of this paper is to provide general information about the unit I have my leadership clinical at; to assess leadership style of the unit manager and my preceptor; to prove that I provide professional care to my patients; to describe process of delegation I used in communication with other staff members; to describe my leadership style,
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