Why Is Nutrition Important For Us? Essay

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I. Why is nutrition important for us? A. What does nutrition mean?
1. According to Whitney, nutrition is the science of the nutrients in foods and their actions within the body. (Whitney, 2013, p.3)
a) Good nutrition is part of having a healthy lifestyle.
b) Knowing what types of food you eat can help reach your goals, whether it is to help you maintain a healthy weight or reduce the risk of diseases.
c) According to Bales (2011, August 1), “What you eat significantly impacts your heart health” (p.4).
1. In other words the foods that you pick can affect you as soon as today, tomorrow and in your future.
2. You may ask yourself why you should care.
3. Well the nutrients in the food enables the cells in our body to perform their necessary functions.
4. This is critical to know since if we don’t feed our body with the right amount of nutrients on a daily basis, you may not know it but your health will decline over the years if you keep going with the same routine
5. How well you nourish yourself depends on your overall eating pattern, the combination of different food and beverages at numerous meals over days, months, and years. (Whitney, 2013, p.35)

[Transition: So I’m going to tell on how to get the better of your foods.]

II. To recognize the true value of nutrition

A. We have several meals a day and what we eat can have an influence on our body’s health for better or worse. We usually select foods based on taste and convenience, but making selection on
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