Why Is Odysseus A Greek Hero

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Is Odysseus a Greek Hero in the ancient world?
Odysseus, the king of the island of Ithaca and the son of Laertes, is prominent as an articulate spokesman and well-known for being brave, cunning and intelligent. His consciousness of what is good and evil assisted him in avoiding many catastrophes. Traditionally, he was portrayed as a fabled hero in Greek mythology. In the following essay, I shall discuss whether this statement is valid.

After the victory of the Trojan War, the egotistical attitude of the Greeks angered the Gods and thus, they decided to punish the Greeks by sending out Odysseus and his men on a long and dangerous voyage which continued for ten years. Throughout the voyage, they were forced to undergo countless ventures in thundery
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One example to prove Odysseus’ intelligence is that he is the one who protected the Greeks in the Trojan War and assisted them in winning this long-drawn-out war by coming up with the tactic of using the Trojan wooden horse. Such tactic is the key to victory of such long-winded war.

Another significant factor which shows Odysseus is an ideal hero is the fact that he is able to return to Ithaca and establish peace, with the help of Athena, upon his return. Besides, he has resolved all conflicts with the gods latterly. The fact that Poseidon is no longer mad with him promotes him in the standings amongst all ancient Greek heroes. Odysseus, after enduring all those sufferings, reunites with his family at the end, which was his eventual objective from the beginning of his dangerous and prolonged voyage.

Most importantly, possibly the most remarkable argument for Odysseus being the ideal Greek hero is the happenstance he has with Hercules in the Underworld where Hercules speaks to Odysseus that the two of them are very alike. We know Hercules is the greatest Greek hero that has ever been as his name nevertheless goes on nowadays. With Hercules endorsing Odysseus with such a statement again proves the

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