Why Is Paola Jovanna Alfaro Rios?

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The purpose of this essay is to analyze how the needs of the students will be met, while researching how to teach. Nowadays students of the entire world are learning to speak English, but their reasons are different from student to student. The purpose students have for learning will have an effect on what it is they want and need to learn . In this essay the needs of the student Paola Jovanna Alfaro Rios will be discuss, her motivation for study English, learning style will be describe as well as her weakness in English and also how to solve some of them. Paola is an 18 years old girl, she is finishing her last semester in high school. Paola was born in Guadalajara Mexico and her first language is Spanish. She is still living with her family, her parents a sister and a brother. She is the youngest child in her family. She usually practices English with her two brothers and classmates at school. Motivation is a really…show more content…
Some examples of intrinsic motivation that she loves listen to English music this is a why she has a good level of vocabulary by listening. She also loves to watch Television in English, especially series and she hopes to be able to watch them in the future without subtitles. Books are really important for her, she loves reading novels and romantic stories. Having a second language will increase her choice of books. On the other hand examples of extrinsic motivation is that English has been part of her since she was at middle school, and now she continues to study at high school, sometimes she reads articles or passages in English as homework, she believes learning English as a second language will be a key for her future. One of her plans is to become a
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