Why Is Pooping And Colon Health So Important?

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Dr. Mehmet Oz has spent many years informing the public through his television show, appearances on other daytime television shows like Oprah Winfrey, his website, blog, and magazine articles on health issues, natural remedies, and weight loss alternatives. He has frequently promoted the importance of healthy digestion, colon health, and increasing your metabolism to aid in weight loss and general well being. He promotes this through supplements, exercise, and dietary changes. His experience and knowledge on natural remedies and supplements has proven him a reputable source for health related information and recommendations. Why is Pooping and Colon Health So Important? The colon and digestive tract are key players in the overall health and well being of your body. As you age digestion and colon health play a much more important role. Age tends to cause the bowels to slow and digestion to become more problematic. The effects on the colon and digestive system start much sooner than you begin to notice the symptoms. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy digestive system before, during, and after you begin noticing symptoms. What Are The Symptoms? Dr. Oz has mentioned symptoms including constipation, bloating, foul smelling gas, excessive belching, weight gain, a constant feeling of fullness or heaviness, dark stools, uncomfortable stools, very thin stools, black and tarry stools, light colored

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