Why Is Protesting Effective

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Is protesting effective?

If you look back through history you'll see that a lot of times cultural change was brought about with war and fighting. When the colonials pushed for independence from Great Britain, they waged war. War was previously seen as the only way to get what you want. It seemed to be the only way of getting things done. Now a days we're finding that method isn't that helpful and rather ruins a lot of things. Why start wars when you have the most powerful tool in the world at your disposal, your voice. A voice can bring peace and justice to a world full of violence. A voice can be so much more than sound. It can represent a cause and hope. The power hope harbors is exquisite. Humans have the ability
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To me, protesting, debating, and arguing are the most effective and the only ways to bring about cultural change in the world. It puts issues under a magnifying glass. It's the equivalent of the signature movie scene when a person is being interrogated and the cops shine the lamp on their face. It amps up the pressure immensely. It really does lead to change. The Civil Rights movement efforts were acknowledged by the government in 1963. The government had finally come to their senses after having their roots shaken for years. U.S.A finally took their first steps towards equality. They made the Equal Pay Act which aimed to abolish wage disparity based on sex. Next up in line 1964. A groundbreaking year in terms of politics and the African American history. That's the year the Civil Rights Act came into existence. It outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Even though the Civil Rights Act was in effect the people in the South still found ways to make sure African Americans were lesser. They stopped African Americans from voting by using a literacy test. A test that determined if you were literate and had the basic intelligence to vote. The government then made the Voting Rights Act in 1965. The government sent their own officials to supervise voting booths and register qualified voters. They did this to ensure that everyone's rights were being protected. That to me is why words should always be the first choice. There's no need for brutality just because someone else's views are different from our own. The African Americans accomplished all of this with the slightest bit of violence. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for the purpose. It is up to all of us to hold ourselves to the standard of equality. It only takes one person to turn a blind eye for something like slavery to start. As a descendant of white bloodlines I am quite ashamed of what we did to African Americans. I couldn't be happier

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