Why Is Ptsd Such A Silent Epidemic?

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Why is PTSD such a silent epidemic? Men and women of all ages can experience PTSD as well as other symptoms of mental illness, usually after a traumatic event that they have experienced. PTSD can be chronic or acute and often has other symptoms associated with diagnoses, treatment is often delayed or overseen because of the lack of medical research needed to properly diagnose. PTSD does not usually start to show symptoms until after the event may happen, which can happen soon after or it can start to occur after some time has past. Mental disorders in general are often not talked about, even more untalked about is how other family members are affected by this disorders. People tend to just think that a mental illness just only affects the…show more content…
What is PTSD? PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder, a very common mental health condition triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event, affecting three million adults and childrens of varied ages a year, although it can not be cured, there are forms of treatment available to help with the symptoms. PTSD is not a new diagnoses, it used to be called “Shell Shock” or “Battle Fatigue”. After a trauma has occurred in someone 's life it is normal to have some type of reaction to the event, however if the symptoms get worse over time PTSD is more likely to develop. Symptoms often have triggers that bring back past memories that can cause very intense physical and emotional reactions, along with other problems that may inhibit some parts of their life including their personal life with family, work or how they may think. PTSD is not a sickness or a disease, but a result of being exposed to something that was very traumatic and the bodies way of trying to cope. Sometimes our biological responses and instincts, which can be life-saving during a crisis, leave people with ongoing psychological symptoms because they are not integrated into consciousness. Because the body is busy increasing the heart rate, pumping blood to muscles for movement and preparing the body to fight off infection and bleeding in
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