Why Is Ray Expelled A Pent Up Breath?

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Ray expelled a pent-up breath, “No, in fact, I met with my investigators when I got back. They had already started to search through old records before I left.” “Have they found any leads?” “Not yet.” Knowing Ray, it would be fruitless trying to prove to him that they lived in a haunted house. As their conversation regarding ghosts had ended, Ray left the study to return to the entry where he had dropped his luggage. He returned with his suitcase and placed it on the mahogany desk. Opening the lid, he reached inside to pull out a present wrapped in festive multicolored paper with an extra-large bright yellow bow. With a boyish grin, he handed it to Casey and sat down next to her. Speechless, she stared at the gift and then back to Ray.…show more content…
I love it! It’s beautiful.” Ray beamed. Wanting clarification if this was the same music box, she asked, “Where did you find this?” “I didn’t find it. I made it for you.” She managed to mutter, “Y-y-you made it?” “Yes, with my own two hands.” “What made you think to build me a music box?” “It came to me one night while I was at the office working late. I was at my desk jotting down notes from the trial. I looked up and saw your picture and realized how much I missed you. I thought it would be a nice surprise.” “Why that particular song?” Casey asked. “I’m not sure. It popped into my head that night repeating over and over in my mind. I must have heard on the radio or TV. It wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried. That’s when I decided to make you this music box.” “I didn’t know you had any carpentry skills.” “It’s been a long time. I took a woodworking class in high school. It was that or chorus. You know how well I sing.” Casey couldn’t help but snicker. “After a few weeks, I found out that I enjoyed working with my hands. I made some pretty awesome pieces. I got an A in the class.” A broad smile stretched across Casey’s face. “Did you ever have a class where you got less than an A?” “No,” he admitted. “How did you figure out how to put it all together?” Ray got up and walked back to the desk shutting the lid of the suitcase. “I looked online for someone who restores antiques. I found a local man. I
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