Why Is Recess A Waste Of Time

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Have you ever heard a child complain to someone about something happening at school or about them being too tired to do something because of at school or from not getting enough sleep? Kids now hardly get sleep because of after school activities ending too late, from staying up late to do homework, etc. I believe that if we cut back recess just a little that kids will have more time to get their homework, or classwork finished so they don’t have to worry about it later on. Recess is becoming a waste of time and there isn’t much time to be wasted! According to Valorie Delp, recess is good for kids because of the rate of obesity of ages ten-fifteen that has tripled over the years. That also tells that even after the years of having recess, that during recess some kids still don’t do any physical activity. Kids could get their exercise through physical educations programs and classes or after school sports. If recess is to work they should provide a teacher…show more content…
During recess we need to make the children aware of the levels of play that are allowed (Recess: Necessity or Nicety?). That means that all the bullying starts during recess, as Jay Mathews says, recess inspires fights and students getting teased. If teachers let behaviors go unnoticed it could increase the likelihood of further bad behaviors. During recess kids usually do their bullying when there isn’t any teachers around or when there is very poor supervision over them. Unstructured recess can lead to bullying issues, Alice Drinkworth tells that unstructured breaks avoid attention fatigue, regardless of the child’s age. Some people might be concerned about the strangers’ access to the children on school ground during recess or while they’re outside. They might be having situations where the people who are outside of the school and don’t attend the school have tried to talk and play with the kids while the person or teacher isn’t paying any
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