Why Is Religion Important To America?

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This concept, though, is one of the largest components that religious people in America who wish to establish us as a Christian nation fail to understand or sympathize with. This is why football coaches praying with the team is not allowed. It makes some students uncomfortable. Some students may feel their right to speak up is constrained because they will get less play time if they go against the grain. For me personally, Oklahoma’s blatant endorsement of Christianity has made me feel incredibly uncomfortable wanting to join the legal profession. For starters, in order to look attractive to Law schools, it would be advisable to get a job with good experience. For many, that is a job working in the government, mostly in the District Attorney’s office or the Attorney General’s office. Everytime I see a Ten Commandments statue on the state Capitol (which has recently been removed) or I see “In God We Trust” plastered all over the capitol grounds, I am reminded that I am an outsider. I don’t belong here. As an outsider, I have seriously had to reconsider the prospects of a government job for the fear of subtly being discriminated against.…show more content…
Much larger threats face America in the wake of religious fervor. Compared to the extreme Christian right and Islamic extremists dominating the news media today, my issues seem miniscule. In America, the religious zealotry has swept across the nation like a plague. The likes of Joseph McCarthy in the 40’s and 50’s and Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in the 80’s have infested this country and spread their ignorance and bigotry throughout this country. They have used their influence from the beginning to stifle scientific education, suppress LGBT rights, limit female reproductive rights, and create a host of other issues that plunge our country back to the Dark
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