Why Is Research Necessary And What Is Some Of Its Benefits?

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Why is research necessary and what is some of its benefits? Research is done by people who are curious social beings and as such they are interested in what others are up and why. The goals of research are dependent on what the researcher wants for example, it can be a description, is explanatory, is a prediction, or for control of a behavior. The description goal deals with systematically and accurately characterized approach to observing behavior whereas explanation refers to truly understanding the causes of the behavior so that you can explain them. Prediction deals with when a researcher can specify in advanced when a behavior is most likely to occur in “x” situation whereas control refers to there is a manipulation of a variable or variables in order to produces a specific behavior. Patten (2014) discussed two functions of research they include testing a hypothesis that was derived from an existing theory and to provide the observations and conclusions that are based on induced theory. The purpose of using the scientific method is to process a reliable, consistent and non-arbitrary presentation of the world (Wolfs, 1996). However, there are some drawbacks. They include the researcher mistakes the hypothesis for an explanation of a phenomenon, without performing experimental tests, ignore or rule out data which do not support the hypothesis, failure to estimate quantitatively systematic errors (and all errors), biases of individuals or groups may cancel out,…
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