Why Is Romeo And Juliet A Tragedy

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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."William Shakespeare. The genre of the play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy and it is written by William Shakespeare. The reason this play is a tragedy is because during the whole play there was always a problem that occurred weather it was in the beginning middle or end of the play. The story has two main characters that fall in love but, the problem is their families hate each other and they have to hide their love for each other. These two characters are named Romeo and Juliet also the title of the play. Romeo is a Montague and they are the rival family of the Capulets, the girl Romeo is in love with(Juliet)is a Capulet. Romeo and Juliet met at a party the capulets where throwing a party that Romeo and a couple of other Montagues went to so they could go out and have a fun night because Romeo had been heartbroken about a girl who doesn't love him back. As soon as the Montegues get to the party Romeo see Juliet and they start to flirt and at first Romeo didn't know Juliet was a Capulet but then he saw her mother lady Capulet and soon they both found out that their families where rivals.…show more content…
Someone might think the nurse is to blame because she kept the ongoing relationship between Romeo and Juliet and communicated between the two when they didn't see each other. "You know not how to choose a man" (dupler 3) The nurse was trying to prevent the relationship from happening as soon as it started. The nurse tried to urge Juliet into marrying count Paris when her father told her she had too no question about it. The nurse wanted what was best for Juliet and she knew Romeo want and count Paris was because he would be stable for her and provide for her. The nurse cannot be to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because the nurse was trying to urge Juliet away from Romeo and just marry count Paris like her father wanted her too and live a happy life with
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